good bye old friend.....

I never thought that this day would come since a lot of people have walked in and out of its' life but then....... it came.

The Mini Cooper which has been staying in our residence was finally bought and carried away.........T_T
That car has been with us for many years (more or less 15 yrs) and was just sleeping for I don't know when. It has a lot of sentimental value to each of us since we spent our childhood together with it. We used to ride it whenever it will be park inside. We went to places with it. We hide there.

It used to be blue but later turned to black. Many people loved it as much as we do. Even when it was already old. They tried to fix it and even my brother wants to fix it someday...... but now it's gone, there's nothing we can do..... we just hope that we will be able to see it someday..... but for now, this will be my last good-bye....... T_T