Video Game Review | Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy part 1

the long wait is finally over!! i got my copy of  the Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy (which i fondly call Dissidia. fine, i'll call it Duodecim.XD) last Friday and been playing it every night.=D

the awesome gameplay is still there with more controls that makes it more confusing for beginners. i'm still getting the hang of the assist stuff. i keep pressing R + circle/square. hahaha. you can import your save file from the first installment and carry over what you bought in the PP Catalog. you may choose to restart all the characters to level 1 or just keep them the way they are, with all your masters.>=] the only master i have is Squall followed by a level 70++ Kuja. there are only one ore two new abilities for Squall in Duodecim. hmp. i think there will be an extra character of you have a Prologus save file.

a lot of improvements were made like the chessboard thingy where you engage in battle, now the players actually move(not move like a chess piece, like move move). and now, you can earn KP(Kupo) instead of DP(Destiny Points?). they also introduce the chain skills where you can attack manikins and create a chain where, if you win, how many KP you earned will be multiplied by how many chain battles you made. it's a lot easier to earn rare stuffs through KP. they also added a world map much similar to the FF series world maps. so cool~ you'll only enter the chessboard thingy if you enter a gateway. there are no random battles on the world map.>=] you will only see manikins roaming around and if you hit them first, they will start with a 0 bravery in your match.

oh yes, i don't like the new EX Revenge coz it uses up your EX Gauge and not executing EX Burst.>.< i prefer the old one where if you are bombarded by your opponent with a combo or if they are going to hit you with an HP attack that will surely kill you, you can stop it by entering Ex mode and you can still use an EX burst on them. is it just me or is it really getting harder to make the Ex Gauge full? nah, it is just me and my low equips.XD or is it? when an opponent lands an assist attack on you, your EX Gauge depletes?>.<

more work for the Moogles. they now run shops where you can buy rare stuffs by paying KP. i hope the Chocobos will have a role in this game.

off to the characters... i can now play Lighting!!!(this is the closest i can get with FFXIII) she is so cool~ all of her HP attacks(as of now, i'm still at lvl25) have rose petals. she is a bit confusing to use because of her Paradigm shifts. i think it is ok if it is only Commando and Ravager but with Medic(without the reverse Paradigm ability), it is a long way back to the Comando and i think Medic is a bit useless. hehe. Lightning is the female Squall. hahahaha

Vaan is ok. he uses different weapons and can equip mostly anything. he is easier to use than Lightning and socheerful. he even asked Lighting where the rode petals come from everytime she attacks.XD

then there is Laguna, the man with the machine gun! really love this guy, long range attacks.=D and i thought his attacks will all be mid to long range, he also have some close range attacks like hitting you with the back if his machine gun. hahaha. the typical Laguna, fun and has no sense of directions.

Yuna, i think is the easiest to use. what makes her so cool is that everytime she attacks, a half-bodied Aeon appears. hahaha. and i think the Aeons that she will be using are only limited to the ones she used in FFX(not including the Aeons in the sidequests). her EX Burst is To The Farplane, summons all her Aeons and kills you with them.XD i have seen one of her alternate costume in the PP Catalog, a wedding dress? really? can she fight wearing a wedding dress?hahaha

really love Kains Jump attack, reminds me of Freya from FFIX. you can charge his Jump attack, the more charge it is, the higher he jumps and the longer his range. you can control his Jump attack through the analog stick. really love his spear moves plus he is easy to use. will he reveal his face in this game?

lastly, Tifa. for me she is one of the hardest to use among the new characters. i think it is because of her close combat style. the only long range attack for her right now is blizzard and blizzara(she is still at level 28). but i think she has really good combo stuff. what i like about her attacks is the combination of rise and dive attacks. opponents will be least expecting it.>=]

i think this is all for now. i can't wait to get home and play.

/*screenies will be followed later*/