Cebu Cosplay | ARCHCON 2010

i was expecting this event to be very big.... or majestic or whateverthatisgreat.
but my expectations were just plain high.

i expected lots of cool cosplayers with great costumes but to my dismay:
-many just recycled their costumes(for those attending the conventions for the last 3 months, they would notice. hey i know life is hard but, but, but wearing the same costumes for 3 straight events? come on)
-lots were cosplaying the same characters at the same time.(awkward since the other one is more accurate than the other)
-wrong interpretation of costumes
-wrong materials used. result? cheap looking costumes (i'm sorry but it is true.)
-cheap looking wigs>.< they look like shiny, shiny, SHINY plastic. ( i know wigs are expensive but there are people that will let you rent a decent wig. did you check yourself in the mirror before going out? you have a nice costume but your wig sucks. all your efforts will just go down the drain... or some of it)
-really, really, REALLY sucky props.(i appreciate your effort but could you at least even out the paint. if your prop is a black sword or something that is purely black, paint it all with black. don't leave the sides white exposing the material being used which is so not good to look at)
-the place was a bit small because of the Nat Geo thing there.
-i can't distinguish if it was a booth or just people sitting there chatting.
-cosplayers who signed up for the competition did not show up

the group cosplay was better. they were fun.

we arrived after lunch, maybe that is why i didn't enjoy the con. but what's the difference? cosplayers who joined the competition wont just go home after their walk on the runway. as i have checked on other peoples' pictures, we did not miss that much.

we didn't finish the event. we were on our way to eat snacks when we bumped into Nikki. teehee. then we had a little talk then finally said out goodbyes.

went to eat at Kenny Rogers since i promised to treat An2x. went to fully booked after dinner. then bumped into Chief a.k.a. Marvin Alan. talked a lot about books. what is good and what is not. i so want to read Hunger Games right now. the book we were looking for were not available (The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor and Highway to Hell by Rosemary Clement-Moore) if any of you have these books or know where to get them locally, please tell me.=D

well, i will be looking forward to the next otaku fest. if there is a next. hehehe

Of me and the rain and the umbrella..

it's the rainy season again. the weather is cool and the sun won't sting you. i'm loving it except that when it rains, it really pours.

this is the time that i always carry my plain black umbrella. unpredictable weather. hmp!
i don't like using other colors because i feel like it.doesn'
yea, it feels weird using another color especially when it has prints, flower prints-_-

i always wear shoes on rainy days to prevent dirty water from my feet. when i say dirty, it means really dirty, water from the sewage. ew. and i would not wear a gray shirt on a rainy day since it would be really obvious if you got soaked under the rain. don't believe me? try it>=] *update 1-25-11* never wear blue jeans when it is raining or jeans that can reach below your ankle(coz it gathers water on the floor.XD).

what i hate about rain and umbrellas is when you go somewhere and it is raining, you are forced to use an umbrella. and these usually happen:
-riding a jeepney with a dripping umbrella. people would really dislike this because there's a chance that their pants, shorts, shoes or whatever would get wet. *scowl, scowl,scowl*
-arriving at your destination and there is nowhere to put your dripping umbrella
-strolling around the mall with your dripping friend

other stuffs i hate when it rains:
-specks of mud on your back or at the back of our pants or if you are wearing shorts/skirt, on your calf
-clogged sewage at the corner of our street. it causes the water to rise. and eventually invade our place.
-the traffic. the TRAFFIC.
-water on your feet when wearing slippers/flipflops/sandals/shoewithlargeholes/orwhateverthatisnotanormallookingshoeXD
-bringing important documents. chances are, they would get splashed with water. ok, that is too harsh, let's just say sprinkled with water.
-our unfortunate neighbors who can only take a bath when it rains. they would run around shouting as if they are burning in H*LL. yea, they do that. and you would be semi-deaf once the rain stops.
-our neighbors broken gutter. all their rainwater goes to our place often the cause of flooding. they should really get it fixed

i think this is all i can remember.@_@