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My First Win!

Yey! Blogger is back!
This is just a random post since I haven't been blogging lately. hehe

Most people know that I have one of the baddest of the bad lucks. Out of 3 siblings, my younger brother is the luckiest, he often wins raffles or anything that deals with luck while I am exactly his opposite. I have never won any raffles in my life until last week.XD

Zero Three Two is a site that promotes the beauty of Cebu. They held a twitter contest, by retweeting their giveaway, you get a chance to win. Simple as that. For the lazy me, it wasn't that hard clicking the retweet button. hahaha

They announced their winners last May 10, 2011. To my surprise, I won!! wohoo~ and I couldn't believe it. hahaha. I claimed my prizes yesterday at the outpost. There was an event that was promoting local businesses. I wanted to look at stuffs but I guess I was too early.XD The event was supposed to start at 5pm and I arrived there around 5pm++. Then I forgot, these events usually follow the Filipino time.XD So I claimed my stuffs and had a quick chat with the organizer and his girlfriend. hehe. Nice talking to them. Very friendly=]

Enjoy Privelage Card and 032 shirt

well, that's that. my first win!! *hopes to win a DSLR*

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