Where Was I?

bumming in my secret lair.

i haven't been posting here for a long time. my last published post was April 2012.XD i actually have lots of drafts about figure reviews and the cosplay conventions i have been covering but is just to lazy to sort them formally. some of my blog entries are written in paper and again i really am too lazy to type them. oh yea, i also got discouraged when most of the images in my blog went missing. i'm now slowly (as in very slowly) putting them back. manually.

i have too much free time because of the Holy Week and i have nothing better to do so i decided to give you an update of my life.

Wednesday night: ate a handful of that tamarind candy from Moniegold and it gave me a soar throat. i tried playing Path of Exile and got bored. i was only up to level 3. that game has a lot of potential but it was just a bit too slow for my taste.

Thursday: did a shoot for my sister, Electra, X-23 (my laptop. hahaha) and Kramer Stiker (my Guitar Hero) and let's not forget Zero. ate binignit and lost the sense of time. i thought that it was already Saturday at that time. went to E-mall to buy carbonara ingredients and some junkfood. edited photos for my Amara trip.

check out my colored hair

Friday: did a re-shoot for X-23 then shoot my colored hair. finally washed Zero's stuffed ducks. it was a slow and boring day sooooo, believe it or not, i read all the post in Carolinian Confessions. hahahaha. made me miss USC-TC even more.

Zero's stuffed ducks

Saturday: i remember waking up late and eating every hour. then let Zero and Aki run around outside the house.

it's soooo freaking hot that i just want to hide inside the refrigerator. it's still so warm even at night. even if i'm bored, i still don't want to go out of the house. my nose gets stuffy and runny not to mention i feel feverish every night since Thursday. i want to eat chocolates but can't because of my stoopid throat. i think i'm dying. all my motivation regarding most things are missing and i don't know why. i think an evil force is draining my soul. i am mentally exhausted. i need to buy a new keyboard but can't decide what.i guess this is all of my rants as of now.

Sunday: i think i'm going to sleep the entire day no matter how hot it is.

I can see parts of my life falling into tiny pieces but i'm just too lazy to pick them up.