My Very First Figma

.... is a Black Rock Shooter(BRS). i am so happy and excited to play with it but decided to open it on Christmas day. it is supposed to be the present from Santa. hahaha

i already saw someone selling it on but i was having second thoughts on buying it. i know it is a waste of money but i really, really, really like to own one. then, i decided to wait until my birthday. if it is still available then it is definitely for me, if not, oh well... (just like what i did on the FFXIII figurine)

as i was browsing again at i always visit THAT thread and found out that it was on sale for a limited time. i can't let this opportunity pass! so i texted and pm'ed the owner. and we agreed to a deal.=]

Saturday came and finally i got to hold my Figma. i was so happy that i kept hugging it and showed it off to my friends. hahahaha. then i realized that there was an original dvd inside the box. what a surprise, my happiness just doubled!=D

thank you so much paolo. i was hoping to buy his dead master but i was short on cash. i was wishing he'd cut 200php off the his selling price. hhhmm.... maybe i'll pre-order a Black Gold Saw.... Alexander said Men2x has paypal.=D

i'll think about it, but first, i want to own Dead Master.X|

can't wait till Christmas=D

The December Wind

i already felt the spirit of Christmas a month ago but this time, it is really Christmas... well not yet but this is the month! hehehe

we already started decorating the office yesterday and played Christmas songs.
while i was on my way home yesterday, the traffic was a bit unusual. then, i remembered: it was the lighting ceremony(or similar to that) of the huge Christmas tree at the Fuente circle. I was just in time for the fireworks but the fireworks were really weird since it did not explode in the sky. it explode while it was still 1/3 of the height of Crown Regency. 1/3 = = 10 floors? that was really low. i bet some got hit by it. hahahaha

Christmas for me means lots of presents. hehehe.
here are some stuffs on my Christmas wishlist:
-a (Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Black Gold Saw) Figma. any one of these would do
-a laptop cooler
-a Maglite Mini. trhe LED one
-a car. the Suzuki Swift or any pick-up truck will do as long as it is NOT a multicab
-Rock Band for PS3. heck! i don't even have a PS3
-a Golden Retriever stuffed toy. i want it to look like Zero
-another black hoodie/jacket
-mini studio
-books (immortals series, highway to hell, hush hush, law of nines, sookie stackhouse series and others that i forgot.XD)

i have a feeling that there will be no otakufest this year