Black Rock Shooter the Game White Premium Box

Black Rock Shooter White Premium Box top cover

.... and the horrors I've been through to get this item.XD

The wait is over after almost half a year of waiting for this item to be released.

I bought the Black Rock Shooter the Game White Premium Box at Amiami and was glad that I chose express mail service (EMS) coz it's so fast!XD The bundle was shipped last Aug 26 and arrived in Manila on Aug 28 (why does it have to be a Sunday??!!) and coincidentally, we had the long weekend at that time so all government offices were closed that Monday and Tuesday(the agony of waiting).

When August 31 came, my parcel status changed to "retention" and it's location to PHZONE from Manila. What does retention mean? and where exactly is the PHZONE?? So I did my research and found out that it is already held by the customs and subjected for tariff. That is one of my worst nightmares: customs sharks getting hold of my parcels and charging me with an unbelievable sum of money. And I still don't know where PHZONE is, is it still in Manila or is it already in Cebu...

Days passed and the more I read about Philippine customs and horror stories about the post office in Pasay, the more paranoid I got. I even delve about the Free Trade Agreement in the Philippines and recently found out that Japan is one of the latest countries to participate in ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. So that means the customs can only charge 0-5 percent tax. That is somewhat a relief. Since I already researched on how to compute my possible payment,  I told myself that the maximum amount I will pay for the tariff is 2000php(that is already a big amount).

Paranoia never left me so I did another research and stumbled upon my all time favorite forum : There, I discovered that retention means that the parcel is already in the local post office and ready for pick-up. I'm just confused why the location is PHZONE not PHZONE7(means region 7).  So that means my package has been sitting there for 5 days! Being paranoid, I imagined that people at the post office are already making ukay my parcel and that some contents are probably missing or damaged. The post office is supposed to deliver a claiming stub to my address notifying me of the package but it did not arrive and I was already excited/worried about my item so I decided to claim them ASAP.

I was already planning to bring 2000 worth of 1 peso coins just in case they ask me to pay 2000php for the tariff. Just to let them know that  I have been saving for this item for a long time and it's not fair to ask for that amount. Nah! I just want to piss them off by paying that way!XD

I was supposed to claim the package last Monday but the weather did not cooperate and it was raining heavily in downtown. So I asked my sister to claim it for me with my mom. I made an authorization letter together with my ID and the printed tracking details.

Tuesday came and my sister texted me that she already claimed the package and there was no other payment aside from the 40php(2-3 years ago, it was only 35php) postal fee. I was so relieved !!=D ( I really don't trust people at the post office)

Now that I'm finished telling my semi-horror story at the post office. Here's what I think about the White Premium Box :

Black Rock Shooter White Premium Box front cover

The artwork of the White Premium Box is really magnificent~ (I'm just a huge fan of Huke's artworks. hehe)

Here's a closer look of BRS and WRS on the front cover  

The White premium Box contains
-Black Rock Shooter the Game for PSP(japanese)
-White Rock Shooter figma
-Black Rock Shooter the Game art book
-Black Rock Shooter the Game limited soundtrack

I only bought this bundle(even though it drilled a hole in my pockets) because of the WRS figma. hahaha. So I'm probably gonna sell the psp game and the artbook + ost.

White Rock Shooter figma

 the art book and soundtrack (front and back covers)

the art book and limited soundtrack

It's already a month since my other parcel was shipped through SAL and still there is no update.=( figma Strength, where are you? =( )

It's about time I publish this entry. I have written this 3 weeks ago and I am just too lazy to post/edit the pictures.XD

maybe my next post will be a review of figmas White Rock Shooter and Strength

P.S. the post office did deliver a claiming stub, 2 days after my parcel was claimed! duh!