Figure Review | figma Dead Master

In Cebu, it is really hard to get hold of authentic anime figures. It's either we fly to Manila or buy them onlne.

I found someone selling a Dead Master figma, but he's in Manila. So i sent my sister on a mission: Go Get that Dead Master Figma!!=D She returned a few days later with my Figma- MISSION COMPLETE!!! So here's what i thought about it:

The Box

The box is not as fancy as the BRS. Dead Master's name is not printed in silver and there is just one seal on top of the box compared to BRS' 3 seals.

Upon unboxing it, the Figma is enclosed in a plastic container together with its extra parts. Dead Master and the 2 skulls are covered in plastic.

Dead Master

The figure is detailed. Her face is painted really well; no smudges.

Her wings and horns are made out of the same smooth translucent material. her horns have no jagged edges and it gets lighter as it gets farther away from the head. Her hair has a greenish hue and the part that dangles on the side of her face is flexible which allows head to rotate from side to side. Although the necklace, hands and shoes fall under the glossy classification, it it clearly seen that the hands are unusually shiny.

Her ribbons are pearlized white.  The rest of her body is matte.

One of her downside is her back part. It looks fine when it's facing forward, but when it shifts to either side, it looks dismembered.

Dead Scythe

The details on this weapon is just amazing. The Dead Scythe is primarily black and silver with gold and green detailing shades. It has a matte finish which makes it look even more metallic. The scythe looks delicate and the tip is REALLY pointy and could really stab you. Be careful when playing with it.


The pair of identical skulls are almost anatomically correct. They have a matte finish and have gray splatters. The insides of their eyes and mouths are painted with neon green which gives them a glowing effect especially when you use the camera's flash. Each skull has its own base and stands with different heights.

The Parts

Dead Master comes with one extra face, 4 pairs of extra hands/claws, her Dead Scythe and the 2 skulls.

There are three bases: one for the figure itself and two for the skulls.

Let's not forget the Figma resealable plastic. :D

I can say that...

Dead Master lacks accessories. She should have had the chains from the Black Rock Shooter Figma since in the animation it was part of her "abilities". She is able to do only a couple of poses since she only comes with one weapon and one extra face. Her skulls doesn't help either since she can't pose while holding them. The skulls are much more part of the background than the figure itself.  I don't understand why Dead Master is much more expensive than Black Rock Shooter. Dead Master in itself is boring; you have to pair her with BRS to make her shine.

I'll give it a seven out of ten.

Anime Review | Darker Than Black

i finished watching this anime over the weekend.

it was ok. lots of violence and blood.=D

it is not your usual good VS evil show. well, that plot doesn't seem to go away.

it took place in Japan on 2012(?) , Taiwan or China(OVA)and somewhere in Europe(season 2).

new character concepts(for me) were:

Contractors are killing machines. hahaha. they used to be human beings but when the Gates(Heaven & Hell) appeared, these beings came into life. their work usually involves assassination and the like. they think rationally but have no emotions. they have a unique set of abilities but once they use it, they need to remunerate(or pay). their remuneration is also unique. some smoke cigarettes or sleep, read or eat a LOT. if this was Full Metal Alchemist, it will be known as equivalent trade. if they don't remunerate, they melt! i don't really know what will happen if they don't pay up. more or less, they die. Contractors don't dream. how sad:(

Dolls on the other hand look a lot like humans but are not. they are usually used for their observation spirits. they can track down anyone through their observation spirits depending on their medium. the medium of the police departments' doll is electricity, so that means they can track you as long as there is electricity nearby. another example is Yin's medium, hers i water while July's medium is glass. Dolls also have no emotions but their are special ones that evolve and gain some of human emotions.

Moratoriums are beings that are half-way in becoming a contractor. they have special abilities that don't need remuneration. downside is: they can't control their powers and goes in berserk mode when using them. Beware!

Regressors are Contractors who have lost their powers.

after the Gates appeared, the world lost the stars. so what the government did (or PANDORA or whoever did it) they fabricated a falls stars. each star corresponds to 1 Contractor. in our time, we will be in awe if ever we see a single shooting star and be amazed if we'll be able to see meteor showers but in their setting it will be a sad one. if you see a shooting star, that means a Contractor just died. much more if you witness a meteor shower.:(

Season 1 has 25 episodes while Season 2 has only 12 episodes. it has a 4 part OAV. the OAV happened in between season 1 and 2. if you watch season 2 before the OAV, you will get a little confused but if you watch the OAV before season 2, there will be less thrill and twists. so, which is which?hehe

there are a few twist and turns here and there. lots of flying limbs and blood there too. shooting stars and talking cats.XD

the animation was average. i like animations close to Blood+ or Kuroshitsuji.-_- the OST was ok too.(love Rie Fu's Tsuki Akari)

i will not be spoiling the storyline here. so go watch it yourself.>=p

Cebu Cosplay | Otaku Fest 4

Otaku Fest 4 was a huge success! the weather even cooperated with it.=] and i was not mistaken when i said it is one of the biggest cosplay events here in Cebu. It gathered about 2000 persons (way more attendees compared to conventions at malls.XD)

I still remember the first Otaku Fest, the entrance fee was only 30php and there were only a few attendees(more or less 400 persons?), the only cool cosplayers were the Akatsuki group and Kon. hahahaha. And the event took only place near the AVR (disregarding the booths) or near the usual stage(i don't know what they call it). That is how small the event was.

But now, it became one of the biggest cosplay conventions here.(So proud of them) But of course a few adjustments must be made. they increased the entrance fee to 60php(which i have a feeling that it will keep on increasing since OF 3's fee was 50php. hehe) The event stretched from the field to the second gate. that is a lot of space. can you believe that the line was so long outside UP? hehe

there were lots of new cosplayers. at least i wont be photographing the same people at cons. i can say that Cebu cosplayers are really improving although I was not able to see the competition because i don't like bad audio.XD

i regret coming late. only stayed there for 2 hours. the camera was not even full.T_T i was not able to take pictures of some cosplayers.T______T

what sucks:
-the maid cafe(i'm sorry, it was really an utter failure. they should have placed it at the conference hall or any room with Aircon or somewhere private. maybe the one organizing it should have done more research. the presentation was REALLY bad)
-shiny costumes (that certain character does not have a shiny costume. why are you so shiny?!)
-wigs. (yes, i have said it once here and i'll say it again. do not wear cheap wigs! are you cosplaying that-cool-character ? but your hair is so different. oh! you don't have a wig.=|)

suggestions for the event:
-more booths (maybe you should invite those persons selling authentic anime figures )
-more gaming competitions (was thee a Tekken? maybe they should make a Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero or Rock Band competition or better yet, PSP competitions. hahaha)
-more FREEBIES!!! hahaha
-gather more sponsors

all in all? it was OUTSTANDING!!!
can't wait for next year or December? hahaha. Otaku Fest 5 should not fail us.
hhmmm..... maybe they should invite Alodia. hahahaha