Book Review | Windsinger

Windsinger by William Nicholson

The first book of the wind of fire trilogy.

A family with a prophetess as a mother, a librarian as a father, twins that can use telepathy and their baby sister who loves them all.

A simple minded child that tags along with the twins.

A city that is all about rankings.

A raging war outside the city walls.

Children that are old and are able to suck your energy just by their touch.

Large wolves and eagles.

A flame that transports you to a palace.

An infinite army that aims to destroy the city.

Summary: It's a story about twins forced in an adventure to find the voice of the Windsinger.=D

An average book for children.
bBut hey! That doesn't mean that its childish.
You'll realize some things by reading it.

Wish I could eat Tixa leaves and get high!

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Anime Review | Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

A very funny anime (for me).

A super pessimistic and suicidal teacher that has a class consisting of very weird students like:
-a super optimistic student that calls him Pink Supervisor
-a student that doesn't go out of her room but later on migrates to school, as in she lives in the school
-an obsessed stalker
-a student that doesn't talk but is very expressive in emails
-a student that has a split personality
-an illegal immigrant

This anime shows some facts in a funny way.

It's a short anime (with only 13 episodes) that is already in its 3rd season.

Anime Review | Baccano!

Flash forward! Then flash back!
To the future! To the past!

Makes you confused@_@

An anime that consists of 13 episodes and 3 specials.

-story about mafia2x & Immortals
-lots of characters that will confuse you of who's who
-first episode was a bit boring since yopu son't know thw characters yet then all of the sudden, all the characters were introduced in one sweep! Talk about confusing.
-the story gets interesting after a while
-lots of killing, blood, decapitation or to put it simply:GORE
-although most of the show is about killing, there's a duo that will make you crack with their actions. They're really entertaining=D
-i like Chane and Ennis. hehehe

What's next on Baccano...

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