Violytes Conquers Camiguin

Yeah right! Like we did! hahaha

Its' been a while since I wrote here since our computer was massacred. I miss FLYFF=( But I gotta write this event so I high-jacked my cousins' computer! hehehe. Here we go!!!

Short planning after class then went home to pack things.

Met with Judy in our corner then off to SM with mama. Met up with Lorena and Drix there and ate at McDo then went straight to the Travelers Lounge since France was already there. Waited for a while for everyone to be complete then rode a shuttle going to pier 8. Short picture taking then Sir Vega arrived with the tickets.

Name: Frederick Louie Bat-a
Course: BA-A

Went to our assigned places and waited for the Super Shuttle Ferry to depart. Went outside to take pictures. When the ferry finally moved, we still stayed outside to "catch" lightnings and waited to pass under the Mactan bridges. After passing both the bridges, we brushed our teeth and then went to sleep.

"kim.... kim.... naay dolphins"
"naay dolphins!"

I suddenly woke up to take a look at the dolphins but sad to say... when I got out, they were already gone. Buuhuu... Judy and Drix also followed me but didn't see the dolphins either. Poor us. Then I went back to sleep.

When I woke up, we already arrived at the Mambajao pier. Went off then looked for the transportation that would take us to the resort where we are staying. We found two huge jeepneys but both were already full then Sir Vega called and led us to another jeep. Lucky us! There were only 10 passengers on that jeep (including us).

The resort was closer than we thought. We had our own room comprised of six persons; me, An2x, France, Judy, Lorena and Drix. We have the room to ourselves! wohoooo....=D Since we only had limited time to change and take a bath, we made a rule to limit the use of the CR to only 5min. This is not good for me since I often take a bath of at least 20 min! hahaha. Anyways, we all made it.

Our first stop for the day should have been the White Island but the ones who would navigate the bangka told us that it was too dangerous to go there since the wind was so strong. So the White Island tour was postponed.

Next stop would be the Sunken Cemetery. It was a long and I mean a really long drive. On our way there, we stopped several times to appreciate the very nice view. The air was very fresh. You could only see big and green trees! It is very like Argao but bigger. At a distance, we found a large white cross and waves that circles it. Then Sir Vega told us that it was the Sunken Cemetery. He also told us its' history. Then we continued to our journey. We stopped at the walkway to the old volcano. It is also where the station of the cross is found. We never went to the top since it was so far so we just decided to buy stuffs and take pics. Then we headed to the Sunken Cemetery. There was a really large cross there and Sir Vega told us that it was hollow and we could climb inside but we didn't dare since there were a lot of people around. hehehe.

Next destination: the Sto Nino Cold Spring. It was really nice there although the water was not that cold but it was very clear and there were fishies! hehehe. I would really like to dive there but I didn't find a room for me to change. ppffftt... We ate our lunch there(rice, noodles, corned beef, sardine omelet, coke). An2x and I were left to guard the things while they, Drix, France, Lorena and Judy swam in the cold srping. Took shots for a while then went to the ruins.

Actually, the ruins was the old church there. We took some pics and found out that there was a large field behind it and there was also a light house. It was getting dark so we decided to go to the hot spring.

The hot spring was really nice since it was surrounded by trees and the spring was really warm. It was very relaxing. The waterproof cam was finally used. We were only able to take a few shots since the battery got drained.XD We just stayed there and relaxed. Then went to downtown to eat our dinner.

We found a fancy restaurant. Although it was pricey, the food was really great! We ate beef steak, lomi, sinigang, sweet n sour pork, forgot the other viand. Finally, Suncellular has a signal in the town proper!  It was only in the downtown so I took the opportunity and sent a message home. Mom immediatelt called. haha

After dinner, we went straight to the resort then off to our rooms. Plugged the speakers then party! naaaahhh.... hehehe. Just took a bath then eat Krimstix and chika2x. We didn't notice until we went to bed that it was raining outside and the wind was so strong. There were electrical shortages several times. It's a good thing I brought with me a flashlight. Then all was blank. ZZZZzzzzzzzz......

We woke up early since we need to go to White Island early so that the waves wont be so big. We went to a seashore then rode a small boat towards the White Island. To my surprise, it was all white sand, no trees and stuff, just plain white sand. The wind there was so strong that I feel like drifting away. Again, was not able to swim since I didn't bring spare clothes. We took pictures and videos and ate Dewberry, Kornets and lollipop. Oh yeah, I was really guilty since I littered there. Actually, I didn't mean it but the wind was so strong that the Dewberry wrapper flew and we were not able to catch it... it just disappeared into the sea. pooF!!!

After the White Island, we went back to the resort and had our lunch there. It was a buffet, ladies first=D There was lechon, chicken,sweet and sour fish fillet, pancit, corn soup ang maja. Yum!

After lunch, we went to our rooms and took a bath. Relax2x, made a music video and stuffs then suddenly....

Someone came to our room and told us that the group was already waiting for us. Confused, we rushed outside and ran towards the jeep. Then the girl called us and said that they were already bringing their things because everyone already checked out. Panic and frustration came to us. So we took anyones things and shoved it in our bags and ran to the jeep. On our way to the Katibawasan falls. We were so silent because we were very pissed.

When we arrived there, we were grumbling and still pissed off so we decided to leave the group(that was so amazed with the monkey) and went to the falls. We had fun by ourselves and took pictures and videos and then finally went up and had fun with the monkey and chickens. After the falls, we went to downtown to buy pastels and stuff. There were only a few lanzones there. I didn't buy so we looked for something to eat and found a pizza place. We ordered take out and went straight to our jeep. Since it is still not time to go the pier, we stayed there and took pictures.

When Sir Vega arrived, he distributed the tickets then off we go to the pier. The sky was clear and it was full of stars. We left the pier at around 8 pm but suddenly I felt really sick since the boat was rocking really hard. So I stayed in my bed then someone announced that we were going back to Camiguin since the wind was so strong and they were afraid that the boat might tip over. So, that's that. We went back to Camiguin and stayed in the boat. I slept early since i was not feeling well.

Woke up in the morning to hear that the boat's engine is running but I went back to sleep again.

Woke up at noon to hear someones voice saying that there was free lunch upstairs. I woke up and took my noodles and went up to ask for hot water. But when I got back to my place, I was again feeling sea sick so I gave my noodles to An2x(which she dropped) then went back to sleep.

Woke up again around 5 pm since everyone was so excited about the sunset. But I wasn't so I went back to sleep. Basically, I was sleeping the whole time we were in the boat. That is typically me! I was hibernating.XD.

Woke up at 9 pm or so because I got tired of sleeping. Played cards with Drix then went outside to look at Cebu with shimmering lights. We stayed there until we passed under the two Mactan bridges then texted home that we were almost there. Got a reply that kuwaon mi. Well that was a good thing since we were really dead tired.

Dropped Judy, Drix and Lorena at SM then went home.

Unpacked my things. Ate something. Took a bath. Talked for a while then went to sleep.

So tiring... ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz