Where Was I?

bumming in my secret lair.

i haven't been posting here for a long time. my last published post was April 2012.XD i actually have lots of drafts about figure reviews and the cosplay conventions i have been covering but is just to lazy to sort them formally. some of my blog entries are written in paper and again i really am too lazy to type them. oh yea, i also got discouraged when most of the images in my blog went missing. i'm now slowly (as in very slowly) putting them back. manually.

i have too much free time because of the Holy Week and i have nothing better to do so i decided to give you an update of my life.

Wednesday night: ate a handful of that tamarind candy from Moniegold and it gave me a soar throat. i tried playing Path of Exile and got bored. i was only up to level 3. that game has a lot of potential but it was just a bit too slow for my taste.

Thursday: did a shoot for my sister, Electra, X-23 (my laptop. hahaha) and Kramer Stiker (my Guitar Hero) and let's not forget Zero. ate binignit and lost the sense of time. i thought that it was already Saturday at that time. went to E-mall to buy carbonara ingredients and some junkfood. edited photos for my Amara trip.

check out my colored hair

Friday: did a re-shoot for X-23 then shoot my colored hair. finally washed Zero's stuffed ducks. it was a slow and boring day sooooo, believe it or not, i read all the post in Carolinian Confessions. hahahaha. made me miss USC-TC even more.

Zero's stuffed ducks

Saturday: i remember waking up late and eating every hour. then let Zero and Aki run around outside the house.

it's soooo freaking hot that i just want to hide inside the refrigerator. it's still so warm even at night. even if i'm bored, i still don't want to go out of the house. my nose gets stuffy and runny not to mention i feel feverish every night since Thursday. i want to eat chocolates but can't because of my stoopid throat. i think i'm dying. all my motivation regarding most things are missing and i don't know why. i think an evil force is draining my soul. i am mentally exhausted. i need to buy a new keyboard but can't decide what.i guess this is all of my rants as of now.

Sunday: i think i'm going to sleep the entire day no matter how hot it is.

I can see parts of my life falling into tiny pieces but i'm just too lazy to pick them up.

Cebu Cosplay | Power of 4 North Atrium Cosplay Showdown

The event was supposed to start by 1pm but gladly, I followed the Filipino time and got there an hour later.XD I had time to scout for empty front row seats. The place was really small, smaller than the event hall in Parkmall. The cosplay event started past 2pm.


The event started with a parade of cosplayers then followed by a dance performance, introduction of judges then more intermission numbers. I think there was an overflow of intermission numbers plus declaration of love (through singing) to their significant others. As the hosts said, it feels more like a February than April.

For the cosplay competition, there was a total of 11 contestants. The first contestant was a pair of Domo-kun(s). They really did a nice job and performed a cute dance number. While looking at them, I expected them to have assistant around to help them in walking but to my surprise, they can walk perfectly fine by themselves, they even walked down the stairs, TWICE!

Then there was Tony Stark, who really gave a very entertaining skit. If I remembered correctly, he was the one cosplaying as GoTenks in COSMOSIS. He performed a re-enactment of the first time tony Stark created the flying thingies.

Then there was Kazuki from Getbackers, obviously the crowd favorite. The skit was really entertaining and fast-paced. I was glad they used English for the dubs. My favorite part for their skit was the costume change and using the 2nd floor to rain props. Very impressive.

It seems like there was a singing competition held withing the cosplay competition, 3 of them sang for their skits.=D

Then there was a dude from Skyrim, he was really in character., from his movement to the voice. I give him 10/10 for character personification.

Let's not forget about the Gray Fullbuster cosplayer who's skit was action packed.  He used 3 weapons for his skit. A sword, a hammer and a canon.

A special number, in the form of a skit, was performed by Jessica Ouano and her friends. They cosplayed as characters from Adventure Time. It was really fun.

I only discovered that there were booths when the emcees announced it. I was like, "There is??!". I was not able to notice it since the booths were placed inside a room and the entrance was not very attractive. It was just a plain glass door. As I went in, there were booths from GECCOS, Cebu Cosplay Hub and Red Jelly to name a few. They were selling button pins, contact lenses, wigs and some props. There were also booths from the sponsors like the milk tea and beauty soaps.

For the judges' part, I suggest they tell the contestants the truth for that is where they will learn from their mistakes. As a constant spectator of cosplay competitions, I can differentiate a good skit from a bad one. And I can tell from the judges reactions when a bad skit is performed. I know it's somekinda hard to tell the participants what went wrong but honestly telling them will really help the cosplayers a lot.

As for the technical team, there were lots of mistakes. I think there are times that they are not alert. The emcees often ask them to lower the background music since they can't be heard.

There was a dance number before announcing the winners. While the intermission was on going, I noticed that there was someone dancing beside the stage. Troll sighted!!=D A girl was wearing a Troll mask and dancing to her heart's content. Then to our amusement, she went to the stage and danced with the performers. I can tell that it was not scripted based on the face of the performers. hehe. It was really amusing.

For the winners, they deserve it.

More pictures at Tempest Films' FB page.


Covered this event for Tempest Films. I was never confident in my photography skills and I'm glad this set turned out okay.=]