Drix @ 22

We only decided what to give him 24 hours before our get together.
Our goal was to make a shirt printed with the nicknames he collected over the past years.
I think Jym  came up with this idea.
Since it was An2x's time to sleep, I had to go downtown to buy the shirt and printing materials.
The design was simple (except for the images)
I immediately printed the design when An2x woke up.
She decided not to include the images since some of it were complicated and we are running out of time.
We only had one silkscreen so we had to print my Squad #2 shirt as not to waste the stencil.
After printing, An2x went to work with the green film while I was left to remove the stencil on the silkscreen.
It took me about an hour or so since it cant be peeled of easily. I had to rub huge amounts of lacquer thinner which later made my fingers bloated.T_T
After printing the first part, we noticed there were some errors at the letters' edges.
So we decided to add a little something to make it look good.=D
I was able to sleep at 6++am and I was supposed to wake up at 9 am but I was too tired and overslept for an hour.
After waking up, we immediately printed the 2nd part so that it could dry properly.
As I look at my bloated fingers, I noticed that my fingernails were really dirty! It was the paint and green film's fault. I had to scrub them with soap and water but it didn't came off. I wouldn't dare touch the lacquer thinner since I already knew what it would do to my skin.>.<
So i had no choice but to cover it with nail polish. And I didn't find my black nail polish so I had to settle with the shining shimmering violet one. Then I remembered that I had lots of other things to do after painting my nails. Stupid me.  I ended up having messy nails.

The plan was to meet at Time Zone but we went to the Terraces since Judy and Jym were there and we had a lot of planning to do. To our dismay, Drix was also there. hmp! Our surprise was almost spilled! One of our surprises was Lorena's arrival at Cebu. To make it more fun, Lorena decided to wear the home-made shirt and tie a ribbon on her neck.=D

We had lunch at Teriyaki Boy courtesy of Drix. We had lots to talk about since we hadn't had the chance to had a mini reunion in a while. When Lorena entered, Drix was so shocked. We had to laugh at him.XD what a surprise. Talk.Eat. Talk. Drink. Eat. Talk. Drink. Eat. Talk. CR. Talk. CR. Talk. Drink. CR. Talk. hahahaha. I was happy that Karissa was there despite her busy schedule.=]

After lunch, we went to Time Zone and played for a bit. Then strolled around the mall.
Comicon was not that nice. I didn't get it. hahahaha. They should have placed lots of booths that relates to the event. I only enjoyed  the table with lots of Gundams.-_- The Cosplayers were not even entertaining.

We decided to go to Sm since Drix had to buy something there. Strolled for a bit then went to Bibo and played. You guys still couldn't beat us. hahahaha. They decided to go to IT Park to meet with the CS people. But I decided not to since I had lots of other things to do and I know An2x would be against it. hehe.

Our surprise wouldn't be complete without the cake and candles(or something close to this). So we devise a plan to surprise him again with the cake and candle thingy. Judy made a story that she had to go up to buy something and both An2x and me had to do groceries. We split into 2 groups, while they were going to Dunkin Donuts, we were heading to Red Ribbon. But the group decided to buy something from Brownies Unlimited instead. We bought candles and a lighter then went to Dunkin Donuts.

Judy carried the Silvanas while Harris helped her light the candles. And this time, I'm armed with a camera. We wouldn't want to miss Drix's reaction. THERE! caught it and will upload later if I will not be too lazy=D

I had a great time with you guys and I couldn't wait for our next crazy moments.=D

Oi Drix! why do you always get a surprise thingy from us? hehe

Migrating Friendster Blog to Bloggers

After a bit of researching, i'm finally able to migrate my Friendster blog here. cheers for me=D

i'll just give a summary on how i did it
-visit your Friendster blog and click manage
-under the manage tab, click export and download the .XML file to your computer
-convert the downloaded .XML file here
-on your Blogger settings, click the Basic tab
-under blog tools, click import blog and upload  your converted .XML file.

did it work? teehee=D

1st post in 2 years

Finally made an account with Blogger...

I'm still looking for a way on migrating my Friendster blog here..

will continue tomorrow since  the internet connection is kinda slow