Take My Hand

sad and depressed, that's what they say
true but hard to say
problems come and go just like the sand
please come and take my hand

whenever my world crashes down
and i can't hear any sound
hope you'll be there with your band
please come and take my hand

there are obstacles where ever we will go
strive hard and don't say no
we'll be doing what we can
please come and take my hand

if things are going the wrong way
and you want to jump at the bay
worry not, for this time
i'll be the one to take your hand

/*another English assignment. I could still remember being so drained after writing this poem.*/

what i did....... and did not....

Sembreak is officially over with the "start" of classes.Yea right, classes started(pppffftt). But we didn't attend our classes except CS21. My vacation is still not enough. It's still okay since Christmas vacation is just around the corner.=] These are the things I did during sembreak. Don't expect exciting ones since I'm a boring person so I'm doing boring stuffs. hehehe

What i did:
-slept late. Latest was quarter to 4am.
-woke up late....... around 4 in the afternoon....
 -watched shaman king every 8:30 pm
-watched the Simpsons every 10:00 pm
-watched Bleach
-watched Spiral
-finished a book entitled "The Pillars of Creation" (I actually read??)
-went to Argao and skimmed with my life. hehehe
-internet.... surf..... chat......
-watched the store......
-I became a vampire!!!!XD

i was not able:
-to draw or paint or do any art thingy
-to sleep all day

-to cut my hair because I was being lazy
-to read the book Chicken Soup
-listen to my usual playlist
-to play any computer games(pretty unusual for me)
-to watch "He Was Cool"(been planning to watch it again)
-draw things on my hand. I like to doodle on my hands. haha
-to kill someone!!!!!XD