BLK Limited Edition with figma Black Rock Shooter Beast

BLK Limited Edition is an artbook by the Black Rock Shooter illustrator Huke. The limited edition comes with the Black Rock Shooter Beast(BRSB) figma and a postcard with a code a the back. The shipping really killed me since this weighs 2.6kg

At first, I thought of just buying this for the sake of the figma and just sell the artbook later. I was expecting the artbook to be just a little bigger of the BRS the game artbook. But it was huge! Its' dimension is A4. And as I held the book, I just couldn't stand selling it. Each page is just so beautifully illustrated that I just can't help staring at them. I really love Huke's works; dark and cool.

                       front                                                 back                                 close-up on the BRSB logo        

The BLK Limited Edition is packaged in a brown box covered with plastic. As you open the box, you can see the artbook also covered in plastic and the BRSB box covered with a white paper(not in the pictures since I was so excited and tore the paper right away. haha).

front                                               back


The BRSB figma comes in a black box. It is grayish in the pictures and has black spatters on it. It looks really nice. The postcard is found inside the figma box. At the back of the postcard, you will find a code that you need to input in their site and I think it will give you a BRSB avatar.

front                                                 back


The artbook is really heavy! It has 240 pages of Huke's illustrations. The artbook is somewhat divided into parts. There's the Black Rock Shooter artworks, the a part dedicated solely to the Black Rock Shooter Beast, a part for the Stein's Gate and the last would be some random illustrations.

BRSB figma                                        postcard   

This is something that I can say that it is worth every cent! The 240 page artbook is full of wonderful illustrations and the BRSB figma looks really amazing(will do a separate review for this).

Here are some sample artworks from the BLK artbook.

Figure Review | figma White Rock Shooter

It's about time I worked on my figure reviews. First up would be the White Rock Shooter(WRS) figma which I got last August from the White Premium Box.

White Rock Shooter is the main antagonist in the PSP game: Black Rock Shooter the Game. True to her name, her clothing is mostly white with a little bit of gray stripes here and there. She wields a scythe called the White Scythe and she has mechanical wings. A pink flame emanates out of her right eye. Some say the flame's color is magenta but I say it's pink. haha

The Box

The WRS figma is bundled with the PSP game and other stuffs in one box. This is my first encounter with a figma that has a two-layer plastic container.

WRS and its accessories are wrapped with smooth plastic sheets to prevent the paint from chipping off.

The Accessories

Every figma comes with a stand and base; WRS has the usual. She comes with 2 extra faces. I call them the rage face and the teasing face. I call her default face the sinister face.XD

Along with the pink flame are her 4 pairs of extra hands, a scythe, a hoodie, her wings and the stuff that connects her wings to her back. And of course the resealable plastic that comes with every figma.=D

White Rock Shooter

WRS has pointy twin pony tails. When I say pointy, it means that it can stab prick you when you are not careful. Her hair is made up of a matte material. Her base hair is grayish and it gradually changes to white as it reaches the tips of the pony tails while her bangs start as white then turns gray as it reaches the tips.

As I mentioned earlier, WRS's dominant color is white but as I examined the figure, her her jacket and shorts are painted pearl white. You will also see a bit of glitter on her clothes. Her stockings, shoes, and top are made up of a matte material. I really love how the sculptor used different materials to make the figure feel more real.

Mechanical wings attaches at her back when she enters full battle mode! Her wings, in my opinion, are the best accessory for this figma. It looks really cool and awesome! These wings are, again, pointy. You can twist the blades of the wings to your liking. The spines of the wings are bendable.

White Scythe

The White Scythe is mostly white with a translucent pink blade. The handle has 2 portions: the black and white. You can actually detach the white part so that you can slip WRS's hands into the black part.


-I noticed that her bangs were not cut and cleaned properly.
-There are black smudges on her legs that was already there when I opened her.
-The zippers were not properly painted.
-The wings may look good but posing them with WRS is a challenge. It keeps falling off every time I try on a different pose or even when I just move her a teeny tiny bit. Are any of you experiencing this? or am I the only one?=/
-Her slouching is obvious when you remove her hood.

Another awesome figma added to my small collection. White Rock Shooter is the white among the blacks.=D

more pictures here

/*will add my rating on soon since I left my list somewhere*/

A 6.8 Magnitude Eartquake in Cebu and What I Did

So yea. Cebu was hit with a 6.8 magnitude earthquake just before 12nn. It started with a slow vibration then the swaying followed. Our building actually swayed! Cool! Is it weird that I didn't feel any fear when the earthquake was ongoing despite the fact that we are on the 7th floor? I think that something is wrong with me or I just know that nothing bad is going to happen. I just had to tweet before leaving the building. PPfftt...

I feel like in school again. We were asked to go home by the building official and our boss confirmed it. Yey! No class work!! I had to walk from our office to our house since all the jeepneys were full and we got tired waiting.

When I got home, I checked my mail and other stuffs(and patted Zero and Aki. hehehe). People's statuses were all about the earthquake and an incoming tsunami.Tsunami?  Really? Then a few minutes later, I can hear shouting and panicked voices outside our house. I thought there was another shooting or someone being chased down and beaten up. Guess what? People panicked because they said that the tsunami has already reached CIT. Were they just joking? Based on my mom's description of them, they really thought it was true and were already packing their stuffs. Minutes later. they were saying that the flood was already in Colon, Fuente and Lahug. Seriously people, Lahug? pppfftt...

Unknown people were running down the street carrying their children and a few belongings. It's not end of the world people!! Whoever made that rumor did a great job. People all over Cebu really panicked. And I thought our neighbors were the BOGOest of the BOGOest. People were not listening to the news anymore, TV/Radio people were explaining about the tsunami warning. People should listen more.

This is the 4th tsunami earthquake in my life and it's only second to the strongest that I felt. I could still remember my 1st earthquake, I was left at the dining table staring at the ampalaya (because I refused to eat it.XD). Then the world shook and I thought there was an airplane going to park the backyard. hahaha. We ran outside and stared at our shaking house.

Enough about quakes. To make the most of my half-day vacation, I'm going to read book. This will be my 4th book this year=3