Who Started the Fire?!

fire! fire! their house is on fire!

a fire broke out at our neighborhood past 2:30 am last June 13, 2011. the cause? an overheated electric fan. but the question is, who left that #$#$^@#& fan on for the whole day?  get ready for a very long story and some rants for this post.

i slept around 11pm Sunday night after reading Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters(yes, i'm reading again), then woke up to the sound of people screaming "AAAHHHH", "Oi! Oi! Oi!", "HHHOOOYYyy" and other usual sounds most of our retard neighbors do in the middle of the night. i was pissed. of course everyone thought that there was another gang fight or shoot out(that is normal in our neighborhood because our ^&*&*&% barangay tanods are too lazy to go patrol at night. they just want to lounge at the barangay hall and get drunk! heck! they don't even answer your calls at night!). pissed as i was, i went out of bed, stormed downstairs and ask what was happening. then my mom or sister or brother said that there was a fire a house away from ours. and i was like "huwat~_^".  then went upstairs and there it was, a blazing fire.

so i called a certain police station near our area because i don't know the fire departments' number.XD then knocked on our cousins' wall   the wall to inform them what was happening then i  threw a jacket on and gave An2x hers.  put on a jogging pants and gave one to An2x. again>.> snatched my purple backpack. /*What was i thinking at that moment: shoot! i need to go to work tomorrow and i need  something to wear aside from what i'm wearing right now.XD*/ took 2 pairs of jeans and placed them inside my plastic box full of shirts then carried it downstairs.

at the foot of the stairs, my aunt burst into our house and screamed fire. panic was all over her face contrary to what i was showing. Lee gave me my laptop and the external hard drive, placed them in my backpack, took our cam and tried to fit it inside the backpack. but the zippers won't close anymore.XD  so i gave it to An2x so she could carry it outside together with out 2 Golden Retrievers. Lee carried our computer case.  /*What was i thinking at that moment: nnnooooo! we are going to leave our beloved monitor and 5.1 speaker.T_T because the fire was too close*/  

as we were going outside, i took one last look at our stuffs  and scanned for something else i don't know. then i found my Sansa Clip+, ran for it and place it in my jacket pocket. it really helps if your jacket has a lot of compartments. hehe. walked outside our house and was checking other houses within the compound for people but their were no signs so i went to our store and look for plastics to cover the computer case.(we have a old computer case. hahaha) that is how we love our computer. we can't afford to get it wet. as we were packing our computer case, our aunt went inside the store, placed her bayong on the chair then it fell down and the clothes inside it were scattered on the floor then she picked them all up then placed it on the chair. then it fell again. the cycle went on for 3 times while i was watching her. she was really panicking, so after the third time, i helped her with it.XD

we were evacuated from the area and while checking for the stuffs we had   -->/*What was i thinking at that moment: the albums!!! our memories!! we can't carry it because it's too heavy and we got our hands full :( */

while walking towards safety. i keep on cursing, well not really cursing-cursing. more like a rant and i really wanted to punch someone in the face! we all regrouped at our transportations and i still keep on ranting about why we had to have stupid people as neighbors.  /*What was i thinking at that moment: does this mean goodbye to the place we all grew up?*/ one last look and we went away. away from the chaotic scene that night.

what we did in between was tell other relatives that we are all ok then talk about stupid stuffs and kept on joking around to make ourselves feel better. some of our uncles and cousins went back to keep an eye on our compound because we all know that this is the best time for people with bad motives to break inside our house. they kept watch while keeping us updated of our houses' condition.

around 4am, the firemen were able to control the fire and that raised the chances that our place was going to survive. that gave us a breath of fresh air. /*fast forward*/

we were already goofing around. we even wave at ABS-CBN's skypatrol.XD the people looking at us might thought we were crazy because fire victims don't run around with dogs with a big grin on their faces. hahaha.

will be writing about the aftermath later>.>
pictures will also be posted later or never.XD