First entry for February

I would love to write something now because this is my month! hahaha
I just discovered that today is Maam Val's birthday.

I had only one class for this day so I was having doubts to go early or not.
I decided to go to school early since I don't wanna risk being late for out exam in CS26.
When I arrived there, it was still 1:30pm so I decided to walk to AS building since my senses told me that my friends are in the canteen. And so they are. hahaha
Maam Val invited us to their house since the BSMath people are going to give her a party. Why not? It's food!

I was pretty relaxed in the exam and didn't even review. I think I did well. After class, I went to People's to buy some stuffs then went to Basak with Lorena. Met up with Judy at McDo then proceeded to Maam Vals' house. It's a good thing we didn't get lost. hahaha. Since Judy forgot the way.

When we arrived at Maam Vals' house, the BSMath people were already preparing for the party and we didn't have anything to do already. So we just watched a movie. We watched The Wig, a horror movie. Then watched 200 Pound Beauty after. It was a nice story but we were not able to finish it because the party was already starting.

Kharina played Fly Me To The Moon with her violin while Maam Val was descending from the stairs. Then she was given roses. It was like a debut. Each of them gave messages intended to make Maam Val cry, But it didn't work. haha. Lorena and I were the only ones not her students, but as she said, we are her adopted students from the canteen.XD

LET'S EAT!! The salad was great!

After eating was karaoke time. Lorena still sang her heart out even though she has no voice anymore. Everyone partied even though there were still classes the next day.

Virgil was very fun to be with. He seem to be always drunk with energy. hahaha. We really had fun! Happy Birthday Maam Val!!=D