Blue hair

My third attempt at hair chalking. 1st was yellow but it looked white, 2nd was red but it looked a little too normal for me and lastly was blue, which looks pretty cool. And if you're wondering why I did not choose violet, well there is none in the soft pastel set that I bought. ppffftt... Buying the 24 pcs soft pastel would cost me a fortune. haha

That picture is the only image I had. This was taken before I curled it and sprayed hair spray so it looks a little dull. I was not expecting to go out of the house that day but I was asked to go on an errand and got drenched in the rain which ruined the look. That explains why I don't have other pictures. hahaha

-apply soft pastel to strands of wet hair
-wait for hair to dry
-carefully comb colored hair
-iron or curl colored hair
-it's up to you to apply hair spray or not

-lots of colors to choose from

-it transfers to your clothes, face, comb or anything that the soft pastel comes in contact with or in short, messy.XD
-looks kinda dull without hair spray
-takes a lot of time

But this is really fun to do.;D