Does the World Hate Me?

it happened twice this week already>.< i don't want to go to work with soaked jeans. ok, here we go. it is often a sunny morning when i wake up but just before i leave the house, a downpour of heavy rain greets me at the gate.>.< and to think i still need to walk a few miles(?)to reach Jones Ave. and i dont wanna ride a taxi coz i am saving for something.XD ok fine, if it rains, most of the time, taxis are all occupied.>.<

and i still don't like to use my umbrella. but in this situation, it is a MUST. my walk from our house to Jones is like a walk on watery Hell.XD yea, you got that right! while walking, you will notice that your jeans will slowly be soaked with water from:
~all the slpish and splash of your shoes
~the running persons who have no umbrella
~the inconsiderate drivers who zooms there way in a small street
~the dripping water from your umbrella
~the overflowing sewage in your neighborhood(eeewwww)

i like rain but not in early mornings. i will update my post about rain.

on the bright side, i'm excited for otaku fest 4 (even though i am not cosplaying) and i still haven't opened my Figma. i just keep staring at her.XD maybe i am just waiting for Black Gold Saw to arrive or waiting to own a Dead Master. hahaha.

NOTE: thanks to my reliable Converse shoes(the ones with no holes in it.XD), my socks are not soaking wet! hahahaha.