What I've Been Up To Lately

My first post for 2012!

I have been playing a LOT of video games for the past months. It started with just playing Parasite Eve on the PSP. But I got stuck and was frustrated and annoyed so I went looking for other games. Then I started playing Alice Madness Returns which gave me motion sickness. So I decided to stop for a while and search for other games again. Then I alternately played FFXIII, Marvel VS Capcom and Little Big Planet. I started to play Guitar Hero again to upgrade my "guitar" skills. hahaha. I purposely stopped  playing MMORPG's because it's the most addicting. But again, I have fallen to its' power and participated in the closed beta testing of Level Ups' newest addition: Bounty Hounds PH. With all these games, I have no more social life! hahaha.

Got my parcel from Amiami last Jan 18. And found out that it has been sitting there since Jan. 10. Lazy post office people! They have not even sent the notification letter yet. My sister also asked about our other parcel but the dude there said that it wasn't there and said that my sister should come some other day. If I know, our other package was already there but they are too lazy to check it.

I haven't touched the camera since the new year and I'm itching for a shoot.

I will not write a new years resolution because as far as I remember.... I can't remember ever writing one(well except for that high school essay). Instead, here are my goals for this year:

-make at least 2 music videos
-have at least 4 photo shoots
-post more on tumblr, figure.fm and deviantart
-blog every month
-attend as many cosplay conventions as possible. haha
-edit and upload pictures promptly
-read more books
-travel outside the Philippines =3
-save for an external flash and a tripod
-try not to be late for work.XD
-should organize this blog and add the long overdue pictures

And now that I have started writing this entry, I forgot the other stuffs.XD

here's what my nails look like for this week. hahaha

black and red to match the controller