Cebu Cosplay | Cosmosis - A Cosplay Shock Masquerade

This event was held at Robinson's Cybergate last October 22, 2011. The theme was supposedly masks but as expected only a few followed it. It would have been nice attending a themed cosplay event.

At first , I was hesitant to attend this event because I had a feeling that not many will come. But when they announced that AC and Zhel (ToRCH 2011 Champions) would be gracing the event, all my hesitations went away! I had been a fan ever since I witnessed AC's Abaddon cosplay last year. I discovered Zhel since they are of the same circle with AC and Ces. Looking through their photos, you can say that they are awesome!

The event was supposed to start by 1:00 pm. I don't know what happened but it started past 2:00 pm. I really don't like waiting.=/ While waiting, I was scouting for cosplayers to shoot but it seems like they were still not ready. Many were still putting make-up and fixing their costumes. So I just decided to look for a place close enough to the stage.

Kpop Dancers

  Arvee                                                AC   

    Zhel                                               Rayland

The event was started by a performance of Kpop dancers. I have seen them a lot of times performing the same moves so I was getting a bit bored. Then the emcees introduced the 4 judges; AC, Zhel, Arvee and Rayland. Later on they announced a special judge: Maki. Then followed by a performance of One Piece cosplayers. I can say that the stage was not properly built. I can't explain very well but as the One Piece performers were doing their thing, the floor of the stage keeps on separating creating a gap in between the stage floor. It's a good thing no one fell in the gap. That would really hurt!

GoTenks                                          Spidey

The cosplay competition started with GoTenks. His skit was really entertaining if you can understand Bisaya else it will be very boring. Followed by Spiderman (I forgot the explanation why he was wearing that.). The action moves were really cool especially when he was beating up the bad guy. Then there was the Green Man from the sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. All I can say is that he has guts! Next was the Vizard Lisa and a partner (i forgot the character being cosplayed).  

Kpop Singers

After their skit, the judges took a break and a performance of Kpop singers followed. They can really sing well and choreographed there moves perfectly. There was also a confusion in events, right after the intermission, the cosplay competition continued but the judges were still not around. Pppffftt... The event continued with a Romeo and Juliet performance followed by a Deatheater and lastly Ciel dancing by herself.

a Deatheater                                            Ciel      

Each time a contestant finishes their skit, they are interviewed by each of the judges which I thought was a little time consuming but later found out that there were only a few contestants for this event and a lot backed out without saying a word to the organizers.  In the end, Gotenks won the competition .

It is nice to know that cosplay events in Cebu are now getting sponsors. There were a lot of mini games like a name that tune and trivia questions about Japan. But I am too lazy to participate.XD I was not able to talk to AC and Zhel since there were busy judging and I was afraid to be a nuisance. But seeing them personally is already enough for me=]


Last August, while watching the ToRCH event in SM. I noticed that the auto focus in my camera was reacting so slow. So I decided to shoot in manual that time. 

And for this event, I switched from AF to MF since I noticed that I was having a lot of blurry shots while using AF. This was one of the worst event shots in my life(not!XD). And to think ZeroThreeTwo asked for my shots to be featured in their website. That was really embarrassing! And they really posted it in their blog.XD

My brother examined the camera and concluded that the auto focus was busted. I was not really worried since it is still covered in the warranty.


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